Franklin Damptey

CAD Manager at RTM Consultants

Mr. Damptey currently runs our CAD Department, (AutoCAD u0026amp; Revit MEP). His responsibilities includes documenting construction and illustration designs for our Engineers, Fire Protection and Building Code Consultants. Provides production CAD support, develop, implement and enforce CAD standards, organize the CAD environment, supply technical support for all CAD software, provides support for plotting and electronic file submissions, interact on project standards coordination with clients, insure CAD vendor management, provide training and supervision of in-house CAD users, generate written technology evaluations for future software adoption and maintain CAD document archive and retrieval for projects.

Prior to Joining RTM Consultants Inc in June of 1995, Mr. Damptey served as a Technical Engineer Specialist (21T) with the United States Army Corps of Engineers HHC 36 Engineer Group Design Management Section at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Mr. Damptey previous experience also includes construction surveying using conventional equipment and the automated integrated survey instrument for construction to include: project mapping operations, construction support surveys, road operations, building and utilities layout surveys. Conventional and computer aided drafting to include: applied engineering graphics, architectural, structural, and roadway drawings, materials estimating, and map overlays. Use of soils, concrete and asphalt test sets for obtaining information on materials properties of aggregated, soils, concrete and bituminous materials used for site evaluation, design, construction, and quality control of military and civilian construction.

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