Equivalency/Waiver Preparation

RTM Consultants’ life safety assessment of your facility will be very thorough. In that process we may discover noncomplying conditions which are impractical or cost prohibitive to correct. Spending exorbitant amounts of money blindly complying with the letter of the code is not the best way to use your limited funds. When we find deficiencies we always look for the most economical way to fix them. When we find deficiencies that are impractical or cost prohibitive to correct we will work with facility personnel to explore alternative solutions for your facility that can achieve equal or higher levels of life safety than those achieved by just meeting the letter of the code.

It’s not enough to know what the code requires; it is just as important to know what the code intends. When we know the intent of the code it is often possible to resolve a deficiency by achieving an equivalent level of life safety through an economical alternative without just meeting a needlessly expensive literal requirement of the code. To understand the intent requires a deep understanding of the code and many years of practical experience. RTM Consultants, Inc. has been assessing health care facilities for over 20 years all across the United States. Our staff includes registered fire protection engineers and professional consultants with decades of experience. The principals of the firm each have over 30 years of fire protection and building code experience.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services as well as deemed status accrediting organizations can issue waivers or equivalencies based on the analysis and documentation we prepare.

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