Life Safety Assessment

Regardless of your facility’s size, assessing the condition of your life safety features requires time and expertise. In today’s health care environment, facility managers are being asked to do more with less leaving little extra time for completing a thorough assessment with your own personnel. How to keep up with the multitude of ever-changing applicable codes and understanding how to apply them to your buildings can be an even more daunting task than finding the time to do the assessment. RTM Consultants, Inc. has the time and the expertise needed to get the job done and to do it well. Our firm has performed health care life safety assessments for over 20 years all across the United States. Our assessments are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable people who assess health care buildings on a daily basis; it’s all they do and that makes them very good at it!

Our life safety assessments include a review of your facility’s original construction drawings (when available). We thoroughly inspect the above and below ceiling components of your facility to document the location and condition of your smoke and fire barrier walls as well as the nature and condition of your facility’s fireproofing and firestopping. Door, smoke and fire damper requirements, shafts, smoke compartmentation, hazardous room protection, suites, means of egress corridors, exits, alarm systems, smoke detection, fire suppression systems and numerous other features are all assessed for compliance with the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101).

The foundation for your Life Safety Plans and your Plan for Improvement is your facility life safety assessment. An assessment by RTM Consultants’ experts will provide the solid foundation you need to build and maintain your plans and documents with confidence!

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