Life Safety Plans

Many firms prepare life safety drawings but none come close to the clarity and quality delivered in an RTM Consultants, Inc. Life Safety Plan. Our industry leading drawings illustrate all the features of life safety required by the various accrediting agencies and much more.

We will develop your Life Safety Plans based on a thorough inspection of the above and below ceiling components of your facility. We will document the locations and arrangement of your smoke and fire barrier walls as well as shafts, smoke compartmentation, hazardous room protection, suites, means of egress corridors, exits, alarm systems, smoke detection and fire suppression systems.

We will determine the construction classifications of your buildings. We will analyze your buildings to determine travel distances within suites and from the most remote points to smoke barrier doors and exit doors. These and many other dimensions and details will be graphically health canada pharmacy cholesterol illustrated on drawings that can be easily understood even by those with little or no plan reading experience. Our drawings are invaluable for use during accreditation surveys and are available in small and large format color plots as well as being viewable on desktop and tablet computers on a password protected web page.

Our Life Safety Plans are produced using AutoCAD and utilize a combination of color shading and color lines of various styles along with color symbols and text to make clear the locations and arrangements of the fire and life safety features in your buildings. Our Life Safety Plans also include a detailed summary of code requirements that apply to each wall type. When you have RTM Life Safety Plans you take the guess work and confusion out of maintaining the fire and life safety features of your buildings.

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